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Our Translation Process

Your original documents underwent review and input from several sides before they were ready to go international. At Creole Solutions, we invest the same care into generating a carefully worded Haitian Creole version of your content:

  • Initial Review

    Our translation process begins with a thorough reading of the source material. We take notes on terminology and may have a few questions for you to fully clarify the project scope. For example, we need to know about the target group of the final translation to fine-tune reading levels and word choices. For larger projects, we prepare a glossary to ensure seamless consistency.

  • Translation

    Our qualified team of Haitian Creole translators then starts the actual translation, faithfully transferring content and meaning sentence by sentence, based on our meticulous research. This process results in the first Haitian Creole draft of the content. The text length may vary considerably between languages, which is why we advise generously proportioned layout for your brochures, websites, and forms.

  • Editing

    The documents then enter the editing phase, in which a second linguist carefully revises the text to ensure accurate syntax and grammar and optimal readability. The review follows your instructions about target audiences to ensure the correct level of complexity. The editor is also responsible for verifying proper glossary use.

  • Proofreading

    Once the material has been fully edited, it undergoes a last check to flag any last spelling errors and ensures proper punctuation. We look at every detail – do the numerals match the source document, are addresses and phone numbers (if applicable) properly rendered, and has every single accent been correctly placed?

  • Final Quality Assurance

    During the final review of the document before delivery, your document is screened one more time by a bilingual expert to eliminate any inaccuracies and inconsistencies that may not have been detected in prior revisions. We look at font sizes, image placement and overall impression – making sure the document is truly the Haitian Creole equivalent of your source text.

Properly translated into Haitian Creole, your content gives members of the Haitian community access to economic growth, better healthcare, smarter legal decisions, and educational opportunities.

Understanding Haitian Creole Translation

Who will be translating my copy?

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Documents we translate

Our qualified Haitian Creole translation team has the necessary background and expertise to create an accurately translated version of your content for a wide range of sectors.

Frequently requested document types
  • Public health brochures
  • School websites
  • Parental permission forms
  • Guidance for medical procedures
  • Court records
  • NGO newsletters
  • Employee outreach
  • Safety procedures
  • Financial plans
  • Marketing concepts
  • Patient follow-up instructions
  • Lease agreements
  • User manuals
  • Clinical trial documents

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