English to Haitian Creole Translation Projects

Creole Solutions, Inc. translates over 3 million words each year for several major industries, including healthcare, education, construction, insurance, and more. We believe in the power of good communication to build better the lives of all people, no matter their circumstances or business.

Our global and diverse clientele gives us the opportunity to add value to all professional groups and industries. We are honored to have a consistent amount of projects added to our portfolio each month.

Specialization Description Word Count
Safety Emergency Shelter Map 25,521
Healthcare Medical Care Plans 2,522
Surveys Translation of Survey Questions 63,345
Legal Notice of Procedural Safeguards 45,223
Schools Math Glossary 24,256
Jobs Employee Manual 2,775
Schools Final Exam Materials 2021 2,545
Guides Patient and Family Guide 26,755
Legal Family Court Narratives 31,546
Government Statewide Reconstruction Project 71,445



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