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Meet the Management Team

Marleen Julien

Founder and Chief Creolist

Marleen Julien has a background in International Development and came to the translation industry driven by her passion for language and community development. From the beginning, giving native speakers of Haitian Creole access to a wide range of authentic materials in their own language has been her highest priority. She is dedicated to raising the quality standards of Haitian Creole and creating business opportunities for Haitians. Dynamic and multi-talented, Marleen directs the day-to-day operations at Creole Solutions. Her children’s book “Nan Jaden Amoni“ came out in 2022 and was praised widely in the Haitian community. 

Marxi Julien

Chief Technology Officer and Translation Manager

Marxi Julien brings his expertise in computer science and programming to the demanding task of overseeing the simultaneous processing of multiple translation projects. He has designed customized language applications in Haitian Creole and keeps the company’s complex technology running smoothly. He enjoys designing virtual reality video games in his spare time. 

Marie-Danielle Souverain

Office Administrator and Marketing Outreach Coordinator

Thanks to her multilingual upbringing in the Dominican Republic, Marie-Danielle Souverain brings language skills in Spanish, Haitian Creole and English to her administrative and marketing tasks. As a student of international business, she understands the challenges of accurate cross-border communication first-hand.

Florence-Emmanuelle Philippe

Vendor Manager

Born and raised in Haiti, Florence brings a rich tapestry of cultural and professional experience to her role as Vendor Manager at Creole Solutions. She has a background spanning the US, Canada, and her native Haiti and possesses a unique global perspective that enriches her approach to vendor management. Florence's academic journey in communications, coupled with her specialized studies in human resources management, has equipped her with a profound understanding of people dynamics and organizational structures. Beyond her professional accolades, Florence's deep-rooted passion for Haitian language and culture shines through in her work. Her involvement in promoting and preserving Haitian heritage not only speaks to her personal dedication but also adds a distinctive touch to her role at Creole Solutions.

Olivier Cadestin

Social Media Coordinator

Olivier Cadestin is a fervent advocate for the beauty and depth of the Haitian Creole language. With a foundational background in information technology, Olivier's passion seamlessly transitioned into the world of communications, which he is currently pursuing in the Dominican Republic. As our Social Media Coordinator, he harnesses the power of social media platforms to not only connect and engage but to also champion the Haitian Creole language. Olivier's dedication to promoting his native tongue is evident in every post,  making him an invaluable asset to our team. His enthusiasm and commitment are not just about language; they are a testament to his love for his culture and his desire to share it with the world.

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