Social Responsibility at Creole Solutions: Making a Positive Impact on Society

Discover how Creole Solutions is committed to social responsibility and creating a better future for all.

Social Responsibility at Creole Solutions

At Creole Solutions, our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional Haitian Creole language services. We are deeply rooted in our social responsibility initiatives, aiming to make a positive impact in both the Haitian and Chicago communities.

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Promoting Haitian Culture

  • We actively bring awareness to the Haitian Creole language through our social media platforms, reaching over 20,000 global followers.
  • Our sponsorship of cultural events in Haiti is a testament to our dedication. We proudly celebrate May 18th as Flag Day and dedicate the month of October to celebrating Creole, engaging with over 8,000 participants annually.
  • We've produced and distributed over 5,000 educational materials in Haitian Creole, both digitally and in print.


Supporting Education and Employment

  • Education is a cornerstone of our social responsibility efforts. We support educational endeavors in 122 schools; 121 in Carrefour and 1 in La Gonave, benefiting over 50,000 students.
  • We've awarded 25 scholarships to deserving students, ensuring they have the resources to pursue their educational aspirations.
  • We have offered training and job placement to over 100 language professionals who studied linguistics and translation in the United States, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, empowering the next generation with skills and opportunities.
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"We believe in supporting not just organizations but also individuals who are making a difference."
Marleen Julieen, Founder of Creole Solutions

Collaborations with Non-Profit Organizations

Through our partnership with Association Haiti Cherie, we sponsor various initiatives, including: 

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Agricultural projects 

That have assisted over 250 local farmers with obtaining seeds and creating avenues to sell their products.

tree planting

Tree planting activities

Throughout the year, resulting in over 10,000 trees planted, promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

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Infrastructure development

Including building 75 kilometers of roads to improve accessibility and connectivity in communities.

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Educational programs 

Including further scholarships that benefit an additional 500 students.



Engagement in Chicago's Business Community

Our involvement extends to the business community of Chicago. We've collaborated with over 15 women-owned and minority-owned businesses, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity in all our endeavors.

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