Beyond translation: Additional Haitian Creole service offers

We help companies and organizations communicate with Haitian audiences in the best way we know – by giving voice to their content in well-researched and beautifully crafted Haitian Creole. To meet our clients’ needs, we offer a portfolio of services that go beyond the scope of translation.

Tell us about your project and what it will take to make it accessible to the Haitian community.

We invite you to inquire about the following service offers:

Written translation

Oral interpretation

Voice over


Cultural adaptation

Market research

Desktop publishing

Document design

Software localization

Copy editing and proofreading

Proficiency testing

We also offer two important resources:

Medical Creole Vocabulary

Haitian Creole <> English dictionary



Creole Solutions, Inc is proud to have worked with a vast number of different agencies and individuals to make communications accessible to everyone. We are honored to have translated for and collaborated with organizations like the...

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