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Igniting Passion for Haitian Creole

Step into the world of Haitian Creole with Marleen Julien, an accomplished language specialist whose passion and dedication have propelled her into the forefront of promoting and preserving the rich heritage of this vibrant language. In an enlightening interview, Marleen shares her journey from being a language enthusiast to a devoted advocate for Haitian culture and education.


From Resilience to Recognition

Discover the remarkable resilience of Haitian Creole—a vivacious language that stands strong with its unique identity. Its global recognition and technological growth have elevated it on the world stage. With a commitment to its development, Marleen is devoted to its evolution. She commemorates Haitian Heritage Month, honoring its enduring strength and cultural opulence.


Elevated Black Parade Program

As a member of the Black Route Parade, we also participated in the Elevated Black Parade Program, backed by Our Village United and Mastercard. This initiative focuses on bolstering businesses like ours. We proudly marked the completion of this program in November with a closing ceremony, underscoring our dedication to empowering our community.


Exploring and Learning about Haitian Creole

In the interview, the discussion centered on various aspects of Haitian Creole, including its core characteristics, its speakers, and its dissemination. The conversation delved into the significance of employing clear and straightforward language in the interviewee's profession. It also explored the process of translating source texts, considering both the use of plain language and its absence. Additionally, there was a thoughtful exploration of whether Haitian Creole can be classified as a "plain language language."


Elevating Business Opportunities for Haitians Worldwide

Discover the remarkable journey of Marleen Julien and Creole Solutions during National Black Business Month. Hailing from Haiti, Marleen transformed her native Haitian Creole into a thriving enterprise that reshapes translation services. By elevating Haitian Creole standards and fostering opportunities, Creole Solutions is making waves in the U.S. and Canada. Guided by TAP's expertise, Marleen's path led to substantial growth, empowering achievements, and recognition in prestigious programs


Our Spotlight at LocWorld Silicon Valley

The LocWorld Silicon Valley Conference in October was a real whirlwind of insights, experiences, and cutting-edge tech stuff in the world of localization. Our very own Marleen Julien had the honor of presenting, talking about the journey we took to bring a major social media platform to the wonderful world of Haitian Creole.


Advocating for Haitian Culture

Learn about how Marleen is not only a language expert but also a fervent advocate for Haitian culture. She founded Creole Solutions to bridge language gaps and promote effective communication, offering innovative tools like Creolelink and Medical Creole. Marleen's dedication extends beyond her business, as she actively contributes to non-profit work and regional development. Her journey exemplifies faith, patience, and the pursuit of passion.


Celebrating Our Participation

We're thrilled to announce our recent milestones, highlighted by an invitation from the BeyGood Foundation to a prestigious business luncheon as a part of Mrs. Beyoncé Carter's Black Route Parade. This honor is a testament to our burgeoning reputation and offers a chance to engage with entities committed to positive community impact.


Delray Beach Public Library Event

This event is all about putting Haitian Creole in the limelight – a language that embodies dynamism and constant evolution. It's a linguistic powerhouse, adapting and growing with new terminology, styles, and expressions, mirroring the ever-changing experiences of its speakers. Our very own Marleen Julien is taking center stage as a featured speaker. Her expertise and passion for Haitian Creole promise to offer invaluable insights into the language's cultural impact and its ongoing evolution.


Translation Business And The Haitian Linguistic

In a captivating episode of the Obehi Podcast, Marleen Julien takes center stage to discuss her expertise in Haitian Creole and her thriving translation enterprise. With over 15 years of invaluable experience, her unwavering commitment to championing the Haitian language and culture has not only earned her respect but has also established her as a highly regarded advocate in the realm of languages.


Nan Jaden Amoni: Rekèy Kont Kreyòl

Haitian Creole Children's Book "In the Garden of harmony: Collection of Creole Fables".

The Haitian Creole PA System Initiative in Florida

In our latest project for a Florida school district, we produced Haitian Creole audio content for their Public Address system, catering to the significant Haitian Creole-speaking community. This initiative is particularly impactful considering the literacy challenges for Haitians, where a substantial portion of the population may not be fully literate. Audiovisual materials like ours bypass these barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their reading ability, has access to important information.

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