Translations from English into Creole

SpecializationDescriptionWord Count
COVID-19Vaccine Info for Pregnant people2,985
HealthcareStroke Welcome Booklet2,687
Clinical TrialsResearch Consent Form for Study Evaluating the effect of UV light source 3,754
Human ResourcesPresentation on Employee Bonus Reward Program1,680
HealthcarePatient Education for PET/CT Scans1,860
PoliticsInformation and Registration forms for Annual Youth Summit 27682,758
EducationGuide for Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor7,068
TransportationDMV Manual 202147,586
Clinical TrialsConsent form for Study of Etoposide in Patients with COVID-19 Infection3,589
HealthcareApplication for e-Visits31,947
HealthcareBreast Biopsy Patient Booklet1,099
Human ResourceMedication Management (Translation and Subtitles)2,165
Human ResourceEmployee Training Videos, Powerpoint Presentations, and Assessment 4,209
Human ResourceDisney Employee Training Videos 2,112
Covid-19Calculating Isolation and Quarantine Period4,300
Covid-19Covid-19: Positive Cohort Letter and Phone Scripts3,662
Covid-19Covid-19: Guidelines for Childcare and Early Childhood Education Centers2,964
Covid-19Covid-19: Guidelines for Schools1,109
Covid-19Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions About Daycares and Schools1,632
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