Translations from English into Creole

SpecializationDescriptionWord Count
FinanceFinancial Assistance Policy2,126
HealthChoose Healthy Fats3,742
CommunityFamily Letters Project1,554
DocumentariesInternational Crime Studies Transcript20,421
HealthBest Healthy Foods Brochure1,665
HealthcareInfection Control-Visitor Wellness Form2,776
SchoolsRetro Science B2, Translation and Proofreading1,766
HealthCity Health Center Guide and Cards3,187
CommunitySpecial Housing Forms3,221
CoronavirusQ and A Coronavirus Special Enrollment Period1,935
CommunityLanguage Assistance Tagline 2,765
Education1,000 Books Before Kindergarten5,487
ParentingBaby Safe Haven2,445
MarketingFall Marketing eBlast2,764
GeneralDual Language Docs3,644
HealthDenture Consent6,343
HealthNitrous Oxide Oxygen Consent3,111
WebsitesCancer Website4,112
HealthCaring for your Heart1,776
SchoolsSchool Survey4,298
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3+ million words translated each year.

Healthcare, Legal, Education, Technology, Insurance and Non-Profits.