Translations from English into Creole

SpecializationDescriptionWord Count
MobileMobile Food Vending Manual1434
AppsGrant App-Budget Worksheet2967
LegalPayment Contract Form2435
JobsAlabama Employment Survey2213
JobsSafety Training5327
LegalCivil Rights Complaint Procedure5439
CultureTranslations and Cultural Adaptations2576
BookletsQuit Tip Booklet23,554
MedicineVaccine Flyer Template877
JobsFair Workweek Law Notice and Overview1125
VaccinesVaccine Program Guidance3221
HealthcarePhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Patient Care Agreement3214
HealthGratitude & Self-Care6322
COVIDCOVID Vaccine Scholarship2544
TransportationMetroCard Translation567
FormsLanguage Access Forms2,565
BostonBoston Community Vax Site2532
COVID-19COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact sheet for Recipients2247
GeneralFreedom of Choice and NODs325
Education2021 Summer Enrollment -- For Website and Schools2423
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