What do you do when you have a Creole-speaking patient in the emergency room and there are no interpreters available? What if your interpreter is late and your patient needs to register?  Other times the patient just needs to ask a simple question. However, if there is a language barrier, this can get complicated. We have created this website to help you quickly when you have  Haitian patient who does not speak English and you do not speak Haitian Creole? Our website Medical Creole has terminology, illustrations, and phrases (with audio included) that can help you and your patient with simple phrases to get the conversation started. This would also help put the patient at ease knowing that someone is trying to communicate with them in their own language.

If you care for Creole-speaking patients, learning just a handful of phrases can improve your patient care. The following common phrases and questions can help you deal with an urgent situation and even save lives. Visit our website Medical Creole for more phrases.


English/AngleCreole / KreyòlListen / Koute 
1.) Hi, my name is _____ and I am your nurse today.


Bonjou, mwen rele __________epi mwen se enfimyè ou jodiya.


2.) What is your name?


Kijan ou rele?


3.) Do you understand?


Èske ou konprann?


4.) Do you speak English?


Èske ou pale angle ?


5.) Are you in pain ?Èske ou santi doulè ?


6.) Can you point to where you are in pain?


Èske ou ka montre mwen kote k ap fè ou mal la ak men ou ?


7.) Do you have any family that you want us to call?


Èske ou gen yon fanmi ou vle nou rele pou ou ?


8.) Do you need to use the bathroom?


Èske ou bezwen ale nan twalèt ?


9.) It’s time to take your medication.


Li lè pou ou pran medikaman ou.


10.) Press this button if you need help.


Peze bouton sa a si ou bezwen èd.




Visit our Medical Creole Website for more. This free tool was created to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients when an interpreter is not available. It includes medical vocabulary, anatomy illustrations, and phraseology.