Healthcare Translations from English into Creole

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DescriptionWord Count
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Patient Care Agreement3214
Patient Portal65,969
COVID-19 Quarantine Campaign Copy 713
Consent for Pancreas Transplant Candidate Evaluation 1987
Consent for Lung Transplant Candidate Evaluation 1754
Consent for Liver Transplant Candidate Evaluation 1942
Consent for Kidney Transplant Candidate Evaluation 1863
Consent for Heart Transplant Candidate Evaluation 1952
Consent for Anesthesia 1257
Adult Patient With Capacity or With Health Care Agent/Proxy Form1785
Acupuncture Consent1207
Urgent Care Intake Form678
Financial Assistance Application683
Smoking Cessation and Telehealth Fact Sheets1,038
Aspiration Abortion Consent -Medication Abortion Consent1,711
Stroke Welcome Booklet2,687
Patient Education for PET/CT Scans1,860
Application for e-Visits31,947
Breast Biopsy Patient Booklet1,099
Medicaid Application Checklist2,215
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