COVID-19 Translations from English into Creole

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DescriptionWord Count
COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact sheet for Recipients2247
12-15 year olds now eligible for vaccine3424
UM, Vaccine Facts and Myths SOW2,343
Participant Information and Consent Form and Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information Phase 3 17,507
Clinical Trial Protocol: SARS-CoV-2 Ag-Qual Clinical Validation 2543
Vaccine Info for Pregnant people2,985
Calculating Isolation and Quarantine Period4,300
Covid-19: Positive Cohort Letter and Phone Scripts3,662
Covid-19: Guidelines for Childcare and Early Childhood Education Centers2,964
Covid-19: Guidelines for Schools1,109
Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions About Daycares and Schools1,632
Supply Flyers (Coronavirus) 2,442
COVID Vaccine Entry Poster2,653

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