The Africans brought their languages and religions with them during the Slave Trade. Vodou, which means spirit or deity in the fon language, is a creolized religion forged by African descendants that were brought to Haiti and Christianized by Roman Catholic missionaries. Many aspects of the Vodou religion are influenced by African languages and the Vodou religion has its own sacred language. This sacred language is mainly used for worship, songs, prayer, and of instruction for the religious system. A layperson or non-practitioner would have trouble understanding this sacred language and it requires gradual acculturation to master its outer and inner meanings.

The word “jovi”, which means children, is one of those words from the sacred Vodou language.  This language has been made available to the public through rasin, or roots, a Haitian musical style with elements of traditional Haitian Vodou ceremonial and folkloric music combined with rock and roll.


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