Haitian Creole is a developing language, with only a handful of reliable resources available for translation and reference.

This is why we have created our own tools after years of research.  When we could not find a Haitian Creole spellchecker in the market, we developed our own from scratch, We have also developed specialized glossaries that are used by the Department of Education and healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

We are the proud creators of:

  • Creolelink – a platform to support in learning Haitian Creole including a dictionary, phrasebook, vocabulary, and a collection of Haitian proverbs and sayings and their English translations
  • MedicalCreole – a guide for healthcare professionals providing care to Creole-speaking patients with a medical glossary and conversations guides

haitian motherWe have specialized in Haitian Creole translation for more than 15 years.

With over three million words translated last year, our experience includes work in a variety of specialties, including medical, government, NGOs, and a wide range of private and not-for-profit clients.

  • We use native speakers
  • Our translation quality process is unique
  • And we’ve built our company, from the ground up, to deliver Haitian Creole translation services at prices you can afford.

We are proud to make a difference in the thousands of lives of Haitian people. From educational materials to medical documents, our team has the expertise and tools to accurately translate your ideas into culturally relevant, contextualized, and accurate Haitian Creole.

Plus, we offer same-day and 24-hour turnaround for emergency or pandemic related translations.

Marleen Julien

Founder of Creole Solutions, Inc.

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Marleen Julien founded Creole Solutions in 2004 and has been working in the language industry for over 15 years. She has been trained as a medical interpreter and is a voting member of the American Translators Association.

Marleen’s eyes are on every translation we perform. Every translation.

During her work for the Consulate General of Haiti in Chicago and the United Nations Environment Program in Haiti she saw an alarmingly wide range of Haitian Creole translation quality; from the very good to the simply incomprehensible. Clearly, organizations can’t achieve their goals and Haitians cannot be helped without clear, understandable communication. She built Creole Solutions, from the ground up, to be that bridge between the organizations it serves and the Haitian people so deserving of the help. Marleen has provided translation services for many major organizations and government institutions, devoting herself to the ongoing contribution of bettering the lives of the Haitian people, as well as the development of the Haitian Creole language.

She has been educated in Haiti, the United States, and France. She holds multiple degrees, most notably a Master’s Degree in International Development from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

Marleen’s Certifications & Memberships

Marleen has been recognized by numerous translation associations such as the American Translators Association and Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association. She also provides pro bono translation services regularly for humanitarian non-profits through Translators Without Borders.


Creole Solutions, Inc. is proud to have worked with a vast number of different agencies and individuals to make communication accessible to everyone. We are honored to have translated for and collaborated with organizations like the

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill

Orange County

Orange County

Partners in Health.

Partners in Health

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients so they are never far away from the benefit of our useful language services and the enthusiastic approach we take with every project. We invite you to read what some of our esteemed clients and partners have to say.

“Ms. Julien assisted us in taking an affidavit with a detained individual via telephone. She was very professional and made everyone comfortable. She was always very friendly. She was flexible with scheduling and she has been one the best interpreters I have worked with. I highly recommend her if you are seeking a Creole interpreter.”

Christopher Elmore, Attorney at Law

“Creole Solutions is amazing to work with! Our company provides solutions to enhance the long-term health, safety & wellbeing of employees for governments, businesses, and schools. We frequently update the text in our application which then requires frequent translations from English to Haitian. Since we started working with the Creole team, we’ve been highly impressed with their services and results. The turnaround time from when we send translations to when we receive them back is typically a week or less, which is plenty of time for our purposes. To date, Creole Solutions has translated approximately 50,000 words for our app. We are excited to continue working with Creole Solutions and would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking this type of service.”

Shane Reeves, Healthy Together

“I have worked with Marleen Julien from Creole Solutions on several occasions over past year as my company is working to present all of our HR policies to our employees in Haitian Creole. My communications with Marleen have been nothing but prompt and professional. All projects were completed in a timely manner and with fair pricing. I recommend you reach out with Creole Solutions if you are looking for timely, professional support with your personal or business translations.”

Anna Furlow, Mortenson

As a project manager, Marleen is a dream to work with. She is incredibly professional, highly skilled as a translator, quick to respond to respond to all communications, meets all deadlines, and our clients are always very happy with her work. Even during tough projects she has a positive attitude and a can-do spirit that makes her an absolute joy to work with.

Aubry Norman, Quantum Inc.

Marleen Julien has collaborated with Para-Plus Translations, Inc. in the capacity of freelance Haitian Creole translator since 2014. More specifically: Haitian Creole <> English language pairs. To date, Marleen has assisted our Translations Department with the production of translation work for over 200,000 words in a range of subject matter materials pertaining to the Education, Legal, Health Related, and Marketing fields among others. All work Marleen has processed for Para-Plus has been of the highest quality and always delivered in a timely manner.

Maria Isabel Lopez, J.D., Director of Translation Services

Thank you for all you did for us. You have been very helpful, and except for a few delays, very reliable. The texts are great, we have reviewed everything last week. If we need any translation in the future we will contact you again! I will also recommend you when others need translations.

F. van der Most, Haiti Water Project, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries – Haiti

We have worked with Marleen on a lot of English to Haitian translations for one client in particular. She is always communicative, quick, and timely! I enjoy working with Marleen and I always use her when I need English to Haitian translations.

Rachel Guy, Vice President of Operations, Translatus

Marleen A. Julien renders services to Linguistic Resources LLC, as a freelance translator, proofreader and editor, as well as performing other linguistic and cultural consulting. She has been working with us since 06/20/2005. We are pleased to inform you that Marleen A. Julien is punctual, hard working, honest, and a valuable asset to our company.

Héctor M. Gayón , Operations Director, Linguistic Resources, LLC

I have had the pleasure to work with Marleen Julien on several projects. All of them were great experiences and yielded wonderful results. Marleen’s level of professionalism is evident through her every action. She coordinates collaborative efforts with peers and employers with style and ease. She takes the quality of her work very seriously and manages the time lines with great punctuality. The quality of her translations were verified through people she collaborated with. Working with her is extremely productive and a pleasure. If you need Haitian Creole translation, Marleen is a polished resource that will represent your company very well.

Darla Peterson, The Geo Group

Marleen is an awesome translator. I had the opportunity to work with her in different projects and the results have always been outstanding.

Grey Cruzado, Keylingo

“It’s been a pleasure working with Marleen, I would highly recommend her work!”

Melissa Rico, Partners in Health


Each year, Creole Solutions, Inc. translates over 3 million words for several major industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, insurance and more. Creole Solutions, Inc. believes in the power of good communication to better the lives of all people, no matter their circumstance or business.

This diversity of clientele gives us an advantage in being able to add value to the communication between any group of professionals. We are honored to be consistently adding more projects to our portfolio of completed work below.

Translation from English into Creole

SpecializationDescriptionWord Count
LegalAgreement between International Airport and Trade Union6,154
Art & CultureArt Catalog for a Museum Exhibition on History of Cartography in the Caribbean6,854
EducationBooklets for Parents of Children with Disabilities22,763
GovernmentCensus 2020 Materials38,587
MedicalClinical trial for Treatment of Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma14,696
MedicalClinical Trial Protocol and Consent Forms32,574
MedicalClinical Trial Protocol and Informed Consent for Virologically Suppressed Subjects6,245
EducationCollection of Parent Notices from School District32,377
LegalCollective Bargaining Agreement6,288
MedicalConsent form for Medical Procedure5,485
Government DMV Online Education Program9,593
Human ResourcesEmployee Handbook34,585
ImmigrationFact Sheet - TPS Know Your Rights658
Human ResourcesFamily and Medical Leave Act - Forms and Notices4,817
HealthcareHandbook for Medicaid Members19,547
GovernmentHousing Authority Materials and Forms43,587
GovernmentHousing Development Voucher Program and Contract of Participation8,171
EducationIEP Plan2,974
GovernmentInformation regarding City's Municipal Energy Aggregation Program2,585
Medical Informed Consent and Pamphlet for Post Natal Tissue Donation5,863
MedicalInformed Consent Form for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer in Low Risk Women
GovernmentLetters to Medicaid Beneficiairies5,784
HealthcareMedication Info Sheets1,544
GovernmentNotices to Medicaid Beneficiaries regarding eligibility3,200
GovernmentPress Release and Background Information about TPS in Haiti, Nicaragua and Honduras2,169
EducationScript for E-Learning14,406
HealthcareSelf-assessment Department of Health5,158
LocalisationSoftware for Home Care Agencies15,688
TravelSynopis of Movie Translations for Major Airline Company1,631
GovernmentTranslation of Miranda Rights and Waiver for Police Deparment754
EducationTranslation of Q1-2018 Exams (Math, Social Studies, Science for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools).11,685
HealthcareVentricular Assist Device / Total Artificial Heart Candidate Informed Education Acknowledgement Form5,084
Non-for-ProfitVoice over for Farming Documentary2 hours

3+ million words translated each year.

Healthcare, Legal, Education, Technology, Insurance and Non-Profits.