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Cultural diversity between countries creates an additional layer of complexity to translation, potentially leading to organizational issues or misinterpretation. At Creole Solutions, Inc., we celebrate difference. By approaching every project with a heightened sense of cultural awareness, we provide clarity and meaningful interpretation. It is our hope to make sure our customers express themselves the way they need to, when they need to. Our team works to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. With unmatched expertise and strict attention to detail, we provide an extensive array of translation services including:

Written Translation

We are experienced in handling industry-specific translations for Creole, including legal, technical, medical, financial, educational and nonprofit sectors. Your content will be carefully assessed, translated, revised and formatted into the specific format you need. To learn more about our process, click here.

Oral Interpretation

We provide in-personal oral interpretation for a variety of industries. Whether you are a medical professional that needs assistance speaking with a patient or have a business meeting with native Creole speakers, we are capable of handling all of your multilingual communication needs.

Voice Over

Creole Solutions, Inc. can provide quality voice over work for a wide range of applications, whether for preparing commercials to be aired in new markets or for business training materials. We offer affordable and accessible voice over services that can clearly communicate your message in Creole. Contact us today to learn more about our voiceover options.


We handle all types of documents in every format, from Adobe PDF to XML and more. Creole Solutions, Inc.’s transcription service is especially sought after in the legal, technical, medical, educational and non-profit sectors. No matter the application, we are capable of transcribing into Creole, or into English from Creole, from audio files or live oration.

Cultural Adaptation

Often times, communication can become unclear due to colloquial terminology or cultural differences. Creole Solutions, Inc. works to adjust those messages by incorporating Creole heritage and cultural equivalents to create a relevant and understandable message.

Market Research

Businesses looking to open their markets to Haiti or to Haitians in the Diaspora may require market research. Creole Solutions, Inc. is equipped to conduct consumer research, providing companies with the information needed to craft a comprehensive marketing approach.

Desktop Publishing

Creole Solutions, Inc. is ready to handle making your next desktop publishing project one that is ready for Creole-speaking audiences. Our software can redesign layouts and translate text for a natural-looking format that pleases the eye as well as communicates your message. Our desktop publishing solutions are ideal for creating strategic marketing designs as well as product specifications, company brochures, pamphlets and more.

Document Design

We offer a number of document design solutions that can prepare your next statement, product brochure, calendar of events, legal notice or handbook in Creole. Our team can create documents for your business or program initiatives for use as printed materials or website content.

Software Localization

Our localization solutions can accurately translate in-depth product material into Creole to best find target markets or desired audiences. We translate websites and software to adapt to the Haitian culture. This allows your business to expand its demographic touch to many segments of the Haitian community.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Creole Solutions, Inc. provides copy editing and proofreading services to check written material for errors and inconsistencies as well as strengthen the overall impact of the material’s message. We pride ourselves on having a meticulous but efficient approach to polishing written items in preparation for future publication.

Proficiency Testing

Creole Solutions, Inc. can objectively assess a candidate’s linguistic ability in speaking, listening and customer service. In this capacity, Creole Solutions, Inc. becomes very useful for Human Resources during the hiring process.


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